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U.S. Patent No. D887675

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Quite simply, ScootBGone™ pants make scooting or bum shuffling the path of greatest resistance, thereby organically encouraging your child to experiment with other ways of moving, such as crawling.  ScootBGone™ can be used both as a means to discourage scooting or shuffling in children that have already begun to move in this way as well as a preventative measure to ensure that your child never learns to scoot in the first place.

ScootBGone original are ideal for new scooters or for preventing scooting from ever happening.

ScootBGone Plus is ideal for clinics and older/stronger scooters, or children where scooting has become an ingrained mode of movement.

Please note that scooting and/or shying away from crawling can sometimes be a sign of underlying neurological conditions. ScootBGone™ pants are meant as a tool to help encourage children toward more developmentally advantageous modes of movement, not as a cure for any underlying issue and not as a substitute for therapy when appropriate.  Always consult a doctor or certified occupational or physical therapist specializing in pediatric motor learning if your child is missing accepted developmental milestones.


ScootBGone™ pants have been tested by pediatric physical and occupational therapists and found to significantly limit the ability of children to scoot or shuffle along their bottoms. 

In addition, ScootBGone™ has been tested on a wide variety of surfaces including carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, plastic, concrete, glass, marble, and grass.

ScootBGone™ pants do NOT teach a child to crawl or guarantee that they will crawl, nor are ScootBGone™ pants simply "plug and play".  Children will adjust to their environments and ScootBGone™ pants must be adjusted as the child adjusts to them.

ScootBGone™ contains a non-allergenic latex.  This latex, made by Supatex, goes through a protein removal process in its creation.  Since proteins are what causes most latex allergies, latex made in this way greatly reduces allergic reactions.  However, some people may still experience adverse reactions to protein free latex.  If your child experiences rashes, itching, redness or any sort, or any other symptoms while using ScootBGone™, immediately discontinue use.


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