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Louisburg, Kansas

McKenzie Phillips

I ordered the Plus ScootBGone pants for our 11 month old after it was recommended by her OP therapist. Our daughter was crawling but dragging her left leg inward with her. These pants have done wonders for her technique in just the past couple weeks. Once we are past this step I look forward to donating them for another family to use, and hopefully get the same miracle work from them as they have given us! Thank you, ScootBGone!

OTR, Therapy Services

Jessica Getter

The ScootBGone pants have been an essential tool for promoting hands and knees crawling versus getting stuck in the bottom scooting motor plan. We are so glad we have them! Now with the new improved Plus version, it's like a two-in-one product!

Amazon Reviewer

Kari Rose

I was able to see these in action when my goddaughter was having difficulties learning to crawl and resorted to butt scooting across the living room. She was in therapy and it was really important to her therapists that she learn to crawl correctly because of the effects crawling has on brain development and other systems (cross body movement and such). She got frustrated that she couldn’t scoot in the pants and quickly started working towards crawling. I saw them in action and now that my friend’s child is determined to scoot and not crawl, I am super excited to give her a tool to help out with his development! I just got the new pair and they are super high quality, durable material and strong stitching. I am really impressed.

San Jose, CA

Agueda Oliveira

Used these on my granddaughter. Her OT and PT loved them!

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