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ScootBGone pants ships via USPS and should arrive in most cases within 3-5 business days.  Upon checkout you should have both First Class and Priority options where available.  International shipments will also ship via USPS and will usually take 10-15 business days, but some areas may require more time.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at



Machine wash cold, without fabric softener

Hang dry, do NOT put in dryer.

Do NOT iron.

If latex sticks to itself after wash, gently pull the stuck sections apart, or gently shake out the garment.

Exposure to heat may discolor latex.



ScootBGone pants are made with Supatex latex, using specialist grade, low protein latex to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.  However, some people may still experience a reaction to latex.  If a child has such a reaction, discontinue use of these pants.

ScootBGone pants do not guarantee that children will crawl.  All children react differently to the challenges before them.  The purpose of ScootBGone pants is to limit the ability of a child to scoot on their bottom, encouraging them to find an alternative way to move from one location to another.  This may include, but is not limited to, crawling.

ScootBGone pants should never be used on a play structure, stairs, or other area where sliding is required or beneficial.  Use in this manner may result in serious injury.

Scooting is sometimes a sign of underlying neurological conditions.  If your child is scooting in conjunction with other abnormal behavior or missing other developmental milestones, please consult a pediatric professional.



  • Are ScootBGone pants one size fits all?
    No. ScootBGone pants are intended to function as normal pants that have the added benefit of limiting the ability of the child to scoot. This is so that parents can simply dress their children at home and know that the child will be limited in scooting as a means of locomotion. As such, sizes are based on loose fitting regular children's clothing sizes.
  • Why does it matter if my child scoots?
    Scooting lacks many of the developmental advantages of crawling. While scooting is not necessarily bad for your child, it is certainly less good. We like to view it in the same way we view exercise in adults. Many people are fine without exercise, but no one would argue that you wouldn't be better off if you did exercise. Crawling is much the same. It's some of the best exercise your child can get, developing many core abilities and functions. A child that scoots is missing out on all the wonderful things that crawling brings.
  • What is the difference between ScootBGone and ScootBGone PLUS?
    ScootBGone pants are intended for very early scooters or as a preventative measure for children that have not begun to scoot. These pants will make it nearly impossible for a child that has not begun to move about to start scooting as their first means of locomotion. ScootBGone PLUS are intended for use with older and more advanced scooters, those that have been scooting for a while and have developed tactics beyond a normal scoot. ScootBGone PLUS adds preventative material on the sides of the legs to stop these children sliding their legs under their bodies for more leverage. It also adds a midleg strap to aid children with weak muscle tone in keeping their legs together while crawling.
  • Are ScootBGone pants washable?
    Yes. ScootBGone pants are machine washable on cold, but fabric softener should be avoided. Hang dry. Never put in a dryer or use an iron.
  • Can I put these pants in a dryer.
    No. Never put ScootBGone pants in a dryer. Do not Iron. Exposure to heat from other sources may discolor latex.
  • Can I iron these pants?
    No. Never iron ScootBGone pants. Exposure to heat from any source may also discolor the latex.


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